Soundproofed Garage Conversion Stratford: I first consulted with TPS a year before the construction of my drum room. They advised me on the most appropriate materials to build the outer shell of the studio, in order to optimise the soundproofing, prior to the room within a room being built, and they were only too happy to engage with me to support the initial build. I really valued the ongoing consultation as it assisted in shaping the whole project. TPS provided a detailed schedule of the build of the inner drum room and this was stuck to completely. The professionalism of Jim and his team surpassed my expectations and regular photo updates of the build kept me informed of progress. The end result is superb and allows me to play drums my whenever I choose. I highly recommend the services of TPS. Mr B Statford-Upon-AvonCheers
Mr and Mrs B in Statford-Upon-Avon
Soundproofing Nuneaton: A Linked detached house: We purchased our first home together after years of renting which was being advertised as a link detached by a garage separating our house from the neighbour’s house which we found perfect for us after years of noisy neighbours. After a few days of living in the property we started to hear banging doors, general kitchen noise cups and dishes on units etc, toilet flushing, washing machine and loud dog barking. This would wake us up of a night time and early hours in the morning which lead to us having not much sleep and disturbing our general peace and quiet in the home and not being able to relax. We later found out that the next-door property had their garage converted to living space and also the utility/Kitchen extended onto our property hence why we could hear a lot of noise.We contacted Jim at TPS after coming across their website and reading up on other people’s reviews who were in the same situation as us. After looking at all the different soundproofing options and materials we decided to contact TPS for a home consultation which he they came out to see us. Jim explained to us in detail all the materials TPS uses and the different options we could have in the 2 rooms and also explaining to us how the noise travels into our property and by which walls and floors. Jim made us feel at ease throughout the consultation and after talking through everything we decided to book the work in. We had the TPS team in our house for 2 weeks installing soundproofing to the bedroom walls, floor and downstairs the living room walls and ceiling. Everything was left clean and tidy each day and we felt comfortable leaving them in the house for 2 weeks by themselves with no problems.The TPS team came across a big void underneath our bedroom window, this was the result of the original builders not finishing the job correctly, TPS team fixed this void for no extra cost and fixed the walls above the windows to allow the TPS team to put up curtain polls, without the polls falling down due to the walls being in such a poor state. TPS team even plastered another wall for us for free that did not need any sound proofing as this was also in a poor state before.Once the walls, floor and ceiling were completed, TPS team fitted all new plug sockets, put both curtain rails up, a new light fitting in the living room and all new skirting and architrave. They kept us updated each day with photos of the work, it was great to see how the work gets done and the stages each process takes.The space loss due to the sound proofing is minimum and you would never know that we have had specialist sound proofing installed.After the work was completed, Jim gave me a call and explained the after care needed regarding the walls, painting new plaster etc.Overall, we are really pleased with the outcome of the soundproofing we do not get woken up anymore by the neighbours as this has reduced the noise considerably. We do still hear the occasional door banging when the neighbours slam it with all their might and dog barking but not as loud as it used to be. This has improved our way of life at home now and we are able to relax and not be disturbed all the time by the neighbours. We would definitely recommend this to anyone and we are really grateful to Jim and his team for helping us. Thanks guys Mr and Mrs S
Mr & Mrs S Nuneaton
TPS – A First Class company – it really couldn’t get any better!I cannot praise Jim Prior and his company TPS highly enough – he’s friendly (but business like) instantly likeable and trustworthy too. A combination of qualities we often do not see in business,  or anywhere else either! Jim takes time to explain what is needed and provides an outstanding 5 star service from the first time you make contact with him until the end of the particular piece of work. This is not when the actual installation is complete, but some weeks later when Jim phones for feedback on how the insulation is helping.  Jim takes the time to establish the exact needs of the customer – recommending the appropriate products to meet that need – as opposed to trying to sell what is the most expensive. There is no ‘hard sell’ – not once did I feel pressurised to go ahead with the installation.  Throughout the whole process he provides explanations, guidance and reassurance – nothing seems too much trouble for Jim – with customer satisfaction being paramount. The meticulous attention to detail provided by him and his team is unbelievable – and goes way beyond what I would normally expect.Tom, Adam (and Darryl too on the bedroom installation) are brilliant  - they installed the insulation to a very high standard, minimising the disruption and going out of their way to make the whole process as easy as possible for me. As regards to having workmen in your house – they are as good as it can possibly get! Craig and Matty (plasterer and apprentice) also work to a very high standard. To finish off the whole process even carpet relaying is included in the cost.Following two separate installations – Initially to main bedroom, then to the lounge, there has been a significant difference to my quality of life – no more whispering on the phone, worrying about the noise my little grandson makes or being disturbed late night by neighbour noise etc. The full benefit of the bedroom insulation was achieved when a downstairs wall in the lounge was treated, along with the lounge party wall and flanking walls. For the first time since I moved to this house, just over two years ago, I can truly relax – THANK YOU GUYS!!I would not hesitate for a single second to recommend Jim Prior and TPS - if there were more businesses like his, this country would be in a much better state!
Ms H in Worcestershire
T P Soundproofing installed soundproofing to party walls in our Victorian terraced town house during the early part of February 2018. Jim and his team arrived on the date promised. They worked in 1stand 2ndfloor rooms without complaint and carefully protected all areas that could be affected by transfer of dirt.  They were considerate, polite and became ‘part of the family’ while they were with us.  Their work was finished on schedule and they even arranged to re-lay carpets after the work was done, allowing time for us to decorate too!Jim took care to explain all the likely issues and offered several options as to the amount of work that could be undertaken.  Price structure was clear and technical information fully explained.  Jim was available for several follow-up discussions to ensure we were fully happy with our choices.  His customer focus is rare in the building trade!T P Soundproofing’s work and finish is to a very high standard and, having tested the effectiveness of the soundproofing for several weeks now, we can confirm the effectiveness of the sound barrier.  This has resulted in going from disturbances every night and sometimes extreme noises to no speech-noise at all, with just the occasional door slam from our very noisy neighbours getting through, with minimal effect.To anyone considering soundproofing, we can highly recommend Jim and his team at T P Soundproofing.Sue and Peter
Sue and Peter Soundproofing Evesham
I am happy to report back the vast difference the TPS65 has made to our party wall in the lounge, dining room, and upstairs passageway. There is virtually no noise to date coming through these walls. This has made a significant change in our daily living. If next door do decide to have one of their regular ‘domestics’ it can only be heard in the kitchen downstairs now. However if we close the kitchen door, which is only a standard glazed door from Wickes; we can only hear a faint mumble of voices through the dining room and lounge wall. This is only audible too, without any background or white noise sound in our house at the same time. So this product has clearly worked for us.To date there has been no noise coming through the passageway upstairs. We are still sleeping in the middle bedroom adjacent to the passageway. We are however sleeping much better now, due to not being awoken with next doors noise, late at night or early in the morning.Thank you again, and to your team. I would be quite happy to be used as a reference in future if you should need us to. Mrs T in Tamworth.
Mr and Mrs TaylorSoundproofing Tamworth
I cannot praise the TP Soundproofing Team enough. From the initial consultation through to the end result meticulous attention was paid to all elements of the work.  Following on from the first consultation further detailed discussions were required to make absolutely sure that the work specification would meet my desired outcome, and deliver the peace and quiet which I was seeking. No detail was too small or too much trouble. As a result, the job of soundproofing the whole of my semi-detached party wall, putting in new floating floors and soundproofing the ceilings and flanking walls was completed on time and to a very high standard. During the actual work every effort was made to keep the disruption to a minimum, and every evening surfaces were hoovered and wiped down. The individuals in the team were a pleasure to have working on the job - totally professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TP Soundproofing, whatever the size of job required.
Miss R. CheltenhamSoundproofing Cheltenham - Semi-Detached House
Soundproofing Warwick
T P Soundproofing did a very professional Job on my bedroom, am I am very satisfied with the
work done.  The problem was impact noise from doors/drawers coming from the neighbours bedroom which share
the party wall with my bedroom in my 2 bedroomed bungalow, which resulted in me being woken fairly regularly
as I am alight sleeper. The noise has been reduced to the occasional minor sound which I am only aware of
when I am already awake, and I have not been woken once by noise from next door in the two months since the soundproofing was put in.
Peter RWarwick
Jim, it has been almost six weeks since you and your team soundproofed our lounge and I am writing to say how delighted we are with the results. We no longer get any noise through the party wall. It is lovely to sit in our lounge without feeling someone else is in the room with us, many thanks to you and your team.
Bernard BowmanParty Wall Soundproofing, Stafford
My wife and I would hugely recommend TPS to any potential customer. The standard of workmanship on our apartment in Moreton-in-Marsh was superb, and the sound-proofing really has worked. We had to vacate the apartment for 2 weeks, and thus the whole exercise took much planning, and TPS and Jim were simply remarkable in their time-keeping, attention to detail, and professionalism. My wife and I have been deeply impressed by this company.
Professor Andrew OswaldSoundproofing, Moreton-in-Marsh

We invited TP Soundproofing to give us a quote as we were encountering a lot of noise from our neighbours including dogs barking, music and karaoke noise, Jim immediately put us at ease and we were shown a number of soundproofing products and we talked through the points were sound was travelling. Jim gave us great advice about the best products for us and even informed us about a wall which we didn’t even consider to be a problem, at no point was there any hard selling and we were informed about the level of expectancy on each of the products.

The work was carried out in a very professional manner with minimal mess and we were given regular updates each day on progress and what would be happening next. The work was finished on time and there were no hidden or extra costs to the total bill. After the work was complete all mess was cleared and removed and all carpets and fittings were put back to their original positions.

Overall we are very pleased with all the work done by Jim and his team our house is now a proper home that all the family can enjoy and relax in.

Many thanks again to Jim and all at TP Soundproofing.

Mr & Mrs ‘N’Soundproofing, Oldbury

Since our last conversation we have had a karaoke session and were able to test the system I am pleased to say the system did very well and we could hear next to nothing in the lounge even in total silence. We are very happy with the results and now we can relax and I can stop hitting the mute button!

Thanks again for all your help.


The soundproofing has made a massive difference to our lives already, Jo and I were watching 24 last night till after 11pm at a much higher volume than we ever used to. In fact previously we would hardly ever watch something like 24 or an action film late at night as I would have to have it so quiet it would spoil the enjoyment of it, particularly for Jo as her hearing doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as mine. And we’d also usually be able to hear the neighbours talking or shouting at the dog or banging around which obviously also ruins the enjoyment of it. I also no longer have that feeling of dread about what noise might be in store for us during the evenings (and early hours of the morning at weekends).

And even though we can still hear the dog barking when there isn’t much background noise, it isn’t so often that it becomes annoying and it’s nowhere near as loud as it was before anyway. So we’d like to say a big thank you to you and the team as we’re very happy with the job you’ve done for us, and the fact you got it all done within a week to minimise the disruption was a big bonus.

Andy & JoSoundproofing Walls, Warwickshire
I have worked with Jim for eight years, he cares and takes pride in all his work and always leaves my customers with a professional finish
Mr Martin WilsonWilson Smarter Home Improvements

I had a problem with noise from my neighbour’s ranging from eating their dinner, conversation, tv noises to bedroom noises. I contacted Jim at TP Soundproofing who on his initial visit explained fully what he could do for me as bringing me samples of the material they would be using.

All the work was carried out and finished in three days as promised to a very high standard with everything being cleaned and tidied up before they left each day. I now can sit in my living room and enjoy some peace and quiet.

I found Jim and the team to be Professional, friendly, honest guys whom I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

Mr GriffithsAcoustic Wall Panel System, Banbury
…You were right Jim, we don’t notice the space loss from the new wall, we should have soundproofed the front room years ago…and no we don’t hear them any more thank you
We would like to stress our total satisfaction with all aspects of your work which has achieved the desired level of soundproofing in our apartment. Your attention to the maintenance of the highest level of cleanliness in all the general access areas within the building was noted and praised by many residents. The whole project progressed smoothly and on plan and the standard of finish to the final plastering rated among the best we have experienced. We would not hesitate to recommend TP Soundproofing.
Rick & TrudaWall Soundproofing, Solihull
Jim and his team soundproofed our lounge wall and we would just like to say thank you for the great job, enormous difference to our lives...
We started looking for sound proofing after we moved into a mid-terraced modern house. We were shocked at how much we could hear from our neighbours going about their daily lives. We could hear their TV over ours every night- making it hard to watch a programme. We asked them to turn it down a few times but felt awful for doing so. We could also hear them talking, walking around, going up stairs, hoovering, the washing machine and even hear them plugging in plugs. None of which was unreasonable noise but it was very intrusive to us. The stress of how much noise we would experience on a daily basis was intense.Jim came round and discussed our options with us. We knew we could only afford to have one wall done and so might still be troubled with flanking noise but we thought the risk was worth taking.Jim and his team were highly professional- obsessive in making every aspect of their work effective. The house was tidy every evening and they did their best to minimise disruption. Work was completed before the schedule Jim gave us. Since the work a year ago we have heard the neighbour’s tv a handful of times (a massive improvement). We never hear talking, walking around or plugs. Occasionally we hear them walking up stairs, the washer and the Hoover but it is much quieter. The space lost in our room is hardly noticeable. The sound proofing has made it so that we can relax in our home. It has changed things so much. We are very thankful.
Mr & Mrs HSoundproofing, Warwick

Even though I originally rejected the 7″ Studio System because it was too big for my room, the 3″ system you designed for me has excellent soundproofing capabilities. As far as I can ascertain at the moment, absolutely no sounds are audible from the adjoining property and I can hear no voices, laughter or TV noise. I have no hesitation in recommending this system where space is at a premium.

After 7 days drying time I coated the new plaster with 50/50 water and emulsion and when this had dried (about 5 hours), I finished with a final coat of Dulux ‘Once’ Magnolia emulsion. Likewise, I coated the new coving which you had fitted with Dulux ‘Once’ White emulsion. Both areas look perfect – better than they were before you began the work! I have also now re-attached my pictures using the same hooks and pins as before with no problems.

I was most impressed with your care and attention in covering and protecting existing furniture, surfaces and carpets, and the route with materials and tools to and from the work site. Thank you for an excellent job!

AngelaSound Insulation, Stratford-upon-Avon
Our next door neighbours’ home improvements (kitchen extension and creation of a ‘bit of a utility’ in their garage, which is attached to our house) meant we were left sitting in our living room listening to their washing machine, tumble dryer and central heating boiler, as well as the doors and cupboards being banged every time they went in and out of the room. All of this was caused by them failing to install adequate soundproofing when they completed their conversion! We had the ‘Upgraded Studio Wall System’ installed and, although this meant losing approximately 5 inches of our living space, this has been hardly noticeable and worth it because the noise of the appliances and the door banging has been substantially muffled, and the irritating and constant hum of the boiler has been reduced, probably by 80% – result! This is Stage 1 of us reclaiming the relative peace and quiet that we had before. Stage 2 will be us installing the same system in the bedroom which is above our living room, which will mean we will be able to sleep without the aid of earplugs to dampen the vibration of the boiler. Jim surveyed our property and experienced, first hand, the problems we were faced with. We were able to discuss our options and make a decision based on our budget and expectations. The work was carried out cleanly, efficiently, with great expertise, and care and attention to detail, and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending TP Soundproofing.
Linda & SteveSoundproofing, Tamworth

We live in a Semi Detached property and were experiencing real distress with our noisy neighbours. The kinds of noise we had to listen to included: Children shouting and crying, loud TV noise, doors banging, dogs barking, hoovering, bedroom noise and general talking. All of which was highly stressful and very difficult to put up with, we were deciding to move house or not when we discovered TP Soundproofing via a Google search. We asked them to come and see our home and see what he they could do. Jim spent over an hour and a half with us in our initial chat and fully assessed our home and our needs, also listening to our difficulties and stresses around the noise levels.

We agreed to have the upgraded studio wall system installed. While Jim and his team were in our house, we couldn’t have felt more reassured we were in good hands. The mess was always kept to a minimum and they always cleared up before they left for the evening! We had the entire party wall soundproofed so the house was naturally in disarray but the week of mess was well worth the result we are experiencing, just 3 weeks after Jim and the team left us. We haven’t even noticed the reduced space in our living room, it is slightly more noticeable in our bedroom – but we were pre warned by Jim of the space reduction and again, I wouldn’t change it for the result we have had.

I can safely say we no longer hear our next door neighbours TV, doors shutting, or their dogs barking. We do continue to hear very muffled noises and it although it will take time to adjust to our new home, contacting TP Soundproofing was the best decision and investment we have ever made.

I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest if you are struggling with noisy neighbours to invite TP Soundproofing to your home, it’s a big step to take but well worth it for sanity and peace in your own home to be restored.

Mr & Mrs B, Soundproofing Walls, Sutton Coldfield

I am very impressed with the music studio TP Soundproofing constructed for me. From the very first visit they were personable, enthusiastic, and clearly very knowledgeable about building construction, soundproofing, and acoustics. They grasped my idea for the space, and explained very clearly how they could achieve the vision I had for it, step by step. When the build began all the materials were delivered on time, and work went ahead as planned.

The studio was completed in just two weeks, as promised, and as each of the pre-determined stages was completed I was invoiced accordingly to spread the payments. Jim and his team are completely reliable and trustworthy, and the job was executed very professionally from start to finish.

The after-sales service is also excellent. Jim has returned on two occasions to check everything is still in good order, showing great pride in his own work, and concern for customer satisfaction.

I highly recommend TP Soundproofing.

MarkSoundproofing a Music Studio, Warwick

Problem: The septic tank system within this small development is driven by an electric motor which emits a loud high frequency noise which is extremely irritating; particularly on a quiet summer evening sitting in the garden.

Solution: TP Soundproofing surveyed the site and proposed an acoustic box to enclose the pump; the design had to ensure suitable ventilation and weatherproofing.

Result: 99% sound reduction. Could be 100% but a with a slight risk of overheating.

Project Management: Was very professional and ongoing feedback was sought to ensure satisfaction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending TP Soundproofing and would be happy to discuss any enquiries.

Mr & Mrs MNoise Insulation, Warwick

Why did I pick TP Soundproofing. I wanted the floor in one of our bedroom to be soundproofed and to stop airborne sound travelling to our next door neighbours.

I’m one of these people that want a job done well. TP Soundproofing came to my house and did a demo on what the floor of what it look like. It wasn’t cheap but I understood the layout and of what was needed. I had problem with the floor squeaking because it was a new build house of two years old. They found the fault and fixed it, which was not in their job requirements. Jim is one of those people if he is not happy he would go out of his way to fix it.

The job was cleared up on time and I am very pleased with the result. One thing though you only get what you pay for. The floor did its job while we used the gym. Very pleased with the floor. Great job lads, thank you, I would not hesitate to use their service again.

AlanSoundproofing Floors, Leighton Buzzard
Just a note to state how pleased I am with the work carried out by TP Soundproofing, the noise level has dropped away, leaving a very peaceful front room. All the work was carried out to a very high professional standard, in the agreed time schedule. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to others. Thanks very much
AndrewNoise Insulation, Kenilworth

When TP Soundproofing came to visit, I was unsure that the soundproofing would work...

...They explain to you in full what will happen from the beginning to the end of the work. They advise you of what you need for the type of property you have...

...Lounge and bedroom walls have be treated

...They give you peace of mind and your peaceful home back. The sound reduction is very very good.Thank you very much.

BrendaSoundproof Insulation, Halesowen

Hey Thanks TP Soundproofing!...

...My floor is still lovely, dry and quiet! So thank you for helping me put my house back together.

RebeccaSoundproofing Floors, Leamington Spa

Birthday party next door and the work is performing splendidly…I was very impressed with you and your guys. Nice to see that level of skill and professionalism in a young team. I look forward to seeing you for part 3 next year..

…Feel free to add me to your referral page

Kind regards

Ryan & DawnSoundproofing Walls, Walsall

Thank you for transforming our home by removing the excessive noise from the adjoining house. The difference that it has made to us is terms of relaxation and subsequent pleasure is immense.

The standard of work and the methods you employ during the work to keep disruption to a minimum was appreciated and we would have no hesitation in singing your praises; quietly; now that we once again have the tranquillity of home...

Thank you

...Hope your well and enjoying the Bank Holidays. I wanted to bring you up to date as we have finished the lounge and are absolutely delighted with the result. The work you carried out has made such a big improvement to our home. We hear no noise from next door in the lounge and upstairs is vastly improved so we know the noise is being shielded by the sound insulation. I have attached a few photos and you are very welcome to drop in anytime. Thank you so very much.

Kind regards

Ray & SarahSoundproofing Downstairs Lounge Walls, Warwick

The service provided by Jim at TP Soundproofing was first class, both knowledgeable and professional at all stages. Jim showed a genuine interest in trying to get to the bottom of our noise problems and how best to solve them, as opposed to just trying to sell us an expensive product. He offered help and advice throughout the process and was always focussed on getting the best solution for our needs. I would highly recommend their service.

Many thanks

JasonRoad Noise, Warwickshire

This is a reference, from a very happy customer, who reluctantly decided to get are DJ sons bedroom soundproofed.

From our first consultation meeting I knew, it would be a decision I wouldn’t regret. Jim was very keen to explain the benefits of his vast array of proofing samples and also explained what would be best for us.

Having agreed to go ahead, with the project; TP Soundproofing never failed to meet the criteria that was set out from day one. They were very professional, clean, lots of attention to detail and immaculate. They arrived on time after a 50mile drive always smiling and very friendly. I would not hesitate in recommending TP Soundproofing to any potential customer, wishing to look at getting soundproofing done. Finally on completion of the project you get a cd showing all the stages of work undertaken.

My friends in the shop fitting and building trade that have viewed it are amazed.

…And finally it works!

Thank you TP Soundproofing

Mr & Mrs LangSoundproof Wall Soundproof Floor, Corby
After having eight years of peace & quite, we had a new family move in, then it started, shouting, doors banging, screaming from children, furniture dragged across wooden floors. So after looking at about 5 company’s, we choose T.P. Soundproofing They went through all the types of soundproofing with us and came up with the 50mm type as it suited our property. As explained it would not stop all the noise, but would cut down the noise by about 50/60% and after next door lay carpet possibly another 10%. At present working well, now and for a long time. The work force were easy and polite to get along with, left house clean and tidy every day, and finished on time, would recommend T.P. Soundproofing to all.
Mr & Mrs FSoundproofing, Redditch

A page of references and previous customers that you can contact is sent with every estimate.