Airborne noise reduction 80%+
Impact noise reduction 80%+
150mm space loss

TPS Studio

What it does

TP Soundproofing’s unique ‘floating sound proofing room within a room’ soundproofing solution that provides a completely soundproofed room using a trademark floating frame system on the ceiling, walls and floor.

For the floor a bespoke flooring system is designed and installed to meet your specific property requirements whether a garage, garden room, purpose built structure or studio room within the existing property.

Provides superior soundproofing results for low frequency noise. Typically, bass music, drums, cinema room subwoofers and other musical instruments and loud music.

The combination of specialist soundproofing materials and the independent floating frame prevents the noise being made in the room from travelling out of the existing structure.

sound proofing room

Where it works best

This system allows our customers to make as much as noise as they want without disturbing others in the house or their neighbours. It is a great choice for drummers, DJ’s, those looking to make a home cinema room, man cave, gym, dance studio or multi-purpose sound proofing room. Also see our range of acoustic booths on our commercial site Office Soundproofing.

In combination with the floating frame systems, TP Soundproofing can install its unique sound proof doors solution and specialist glazing to ensure minimum sound escaping from doors and windows. Along with advice and installation of air conditioning and lighting using the latest automated technology.

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