Airborne noise reduction to required < 43dB
Floor 15mm space loss*
Ceiling 50mm space loss

TPS Separating Floor

What it does

TPS Separating sound proof floor is a unique floor and sound proof ceiling system designed to meet Part E Building Regulations with the minimum space loss in a cost effective way for developers and architects.

It consists of two resilient layers; one on top of the joist (floor above) and one below the joist (ceiling below).  These resilient layers consist of specialist soundproofing materials that

effectively provide soundproofing to meet the minimum requirements to pass the sound test in order to meet Part E Building Regulations.

Sound proof floor for developers and architects

Where it works best

The TPS Separating sound proof floor system is very popular with developers, architects and landlords.  It is designed specifically to meet the Part E Building regulation requirements for flat conversions and multi-occupancy housing.

It is a great choice for those customers who need to ensure they meet regulations with minimum space loss, effective sound results, installed in a timely manner and at a realistic budget.

TP Soundproofing can also provide a UCAS accredited sound engineer to carry out the required sound test. Contact us to arrange you pre-testing consultation: 01926 658 638

*Assuming the existing floor boards are the standard 22mm thick.