AIRBOURNE NOISE -T.V and radio, Loud voices, Speaker systems, Musical instruments

IMPACT NOISE – Heavy footsteps, Dropped objects, Moving furniture, doors slamming

A: We offer a completely discreet service, with un-marked vehicles etc.

A: Sound proofing is an extremely skilled job that requires an attention to detail like no other trade; all soundproof systems must be airtight! Knowledge of buildings and structure together with the understanding of how sound travels is imperative to the success of any project. The TP Soundproofing installation team take down on average two walls every month, due to a poor soundproofing attempt usually carried out by a local builder or carpenter.

A: Noise pollution is not just a nuisance it can affect your health and invade the privacy of your home.

A: We understand that this is one of the key issues.  We work to your budget to get the balance right between the amount of noise reduction and how much room space is lost. We specialist in domestic houses where not every soundproofing problem is the same, ceilings, walls and floors all vary; however some examples of common DIY wall systems for soundproof party walls are illustrated.

A: With a commonly used plaster skim finish, it is around seven to ten days…when all of the plastered area has turned a pinky peach colour. Also when you run your fingertips over it, some white powder is extracted on to your fingertips.

A: Yes, all plaster requires a primer!

A: All estimates are free but please call to check you are local to our office as a small charge for travel expensive may apply.