Multi-purpose soundproof rooms

At TP Soundproofing we regularly hear from homeowners who are annoyed that they can’t do what they want in their own home for fear of disturbing the neighbours or other family members in the home.  Often, passionate musicians, they are looking for a soundproofing solution that gives them the freedom to do what they love in the home they love.

Are you a considerate noise maker?

✓ Restricted as to when you can play your instruments
✓ Always checking if neighbours are home before making noise
✓ Frustrated you can’t enjoy your passion or hobby
✓ Forever turning the volume down while watching films

We can help

Using our unique floating room within a room concept we can create bespoke soundproof rooms that give you the freedom to enjoy making noise, guilt-free. Whether it’s a soundproof studio in your garden, garage conversion or a room within your existing house our systems can make that dream a reality.

Fill in our contact form today and one of our experienced team will get in touch to start designing your unique soundproof room with a wow factor.