Airborne noise reduction 50%
Impact noise reduction 30%
50mm space loss


What it does

Reduces sound such as road traffic noise, TV, conversation and general airborne noise from transmitting up through the ceiling, providing the most cost effective and basic ceiling sound proofing when treating the noise at source.

Soundproofing ceiling with TPS50C

Where it works best

Installed directly to the joists below; it is a great choice for those customers that no longer want to hear the road noise, or those customers with flats with access to the ceiling below or the considerate neighbour that wants privacy by reducing the noise transmitting through the ceilings. To meet current approved Part E of the Building Regulations, this system should be used in conjunction with TPSE. For more commerical ceiling sound proofing see our office soundproofing site.

Airborne noise reduction 65%+
Impact noise reduction 40%
45mm space loss


What it does

Reduces sound travelling through the ceiling from the room below using a series of interlocking specialist ceiling sound proofing layers. It has a unique resilient layer installed between the joists for minimal space loss.

Ceiling soundproofing with TPS65C

Where it works best

The TPS65C ceiling sound proofing system is best suited for customer who want the maximum reduction in noise from below with the least amount of ceiling height loss. It is a great choice for those customers with loft conversions, cottages, basement ceilings and flats with wooden joists construction where space loss must be kept to a minimum.

Airborne noise reduction 70%
Impact noise reduction 65%
85mm space loss


What it does

Reduces sound transmitting through the ceiling from the room below, using a combination of interlocking layers and a unique resilient bar system that offers superior isolation. TPS70C is able to give great impact noise reductions at only 85mm space loss.

Where it works best

The TPS70C ceiling system is best suited for customers with concrete ceilings, steel beams, block and beam or any unique ceiling structures where isolation is important. It is a great choice for customers who are the considerate noise maker, or where high levels of soundproofing are required with a relatively small amount of space. TPS70C will barrier most airborne noises in a residential flat.

Ceiling soundproofing with TPS70C
Airborne noise reduction 80%+
Impact noise reduction 65%+
180mm space loss


What it does

Reduces sound from the floor above travelling through the existing ceiling. The independent ceiling sound proofing frame is isolated from the conflicting ceiling so noise finds it difficult to transmit into the new ceiling.

Where it works best

The TPS80C is best suited for customers who demand a high level of airborne noise improvement through the ceiling and where space loss is less of a concern. It is a great choice for those customers with high ceilings in apartments and flats where there is no access to the floors above.

Recognised by, Rockwool, and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) for its 0% condensation risk assessment the TPS80C is the preferred choice for any soundproof garage conversion, soundproof garden studio or any building with a roof that requires a good level of room soundproofing.

Soundproofing ceilings systems in particular TPS80C