The Installer view…. Semi-Detached Noisy Neighbour – TV Noise

This particular case study focuses on a client who could hear their noisy neighbours very loud TV, causing them trouble sleeping and relaxing in their own home. TP Soundproofing installed our trademark soundproofing systems to their walls and solved their noisy neighbour problem.

The noise problem

We were contacted with a sound insulation enquiry relating to installing domestic sound insulation for a noisy neighbour who’s TV noise was transmitting through the party wall.

The source of the noise transmitting through the party wall was an unusually loud TV as a result of the neighbours hearing impediment.  The customers were unable to watch their own TV in their own home without hearing the noisy neighbours TV over their own. Their sleeping times were also subject to the noisy neighbour TV. This is because the TV was so loud next door that it could even be heard upstairs too.  Any quiet relaxing activity like reading in the lounge was not an option as the noise pollution from the party wall was just unbearable. The customers could also hear the noisy neighbour telephone ringing, talking and conversations; as well as the usual impact noises like doors slamming, plug sockets, light switches and footsteps.

Noisy Neighbour on semi detached house
Noisy Neighbour wall system plastered
Noisy Neighbour soundproofing solutions

With most noisy neighbour cases that come our way, the noisy neighbours are unaware they are making your life a misery! It is probably not their fault as they are just living their lives and the noise entering your home is down to the poor sound insulation of the building.

This particular 3 bedroom, semi-detached house has concrete floors, which is great from a noise transmission point of view; but the biggest weakness was the lounge ceiling joists that were running into the party wall. Also the walls were constructed of light weight blocks followed by thin 10-15mm sand and cement render and a plaster finish.

The soundproofing solution

The solution was very straight forward: We installed our popular TPS80W wall sound insulation system on the party wall; we treated the chimney stack with our TPS50W wall sound proofing system and then treated the flanking window wall with our TPS30W panel system.

We plastered all the wall systems, fitted new sockets and then re-fitted new skirting to match the existing around the whole room as standard. We also fitted a new window sill and curtain board ready for the new curtains. The whole job was all completed within 3 days with minimal disruption.

The Result

The customer wasted no time with the painting and decorating and finishing in time for the bank holidays….they wrote us a nice reference too:

“We have finished the lounge and are absolutely delighted with the result. The work you carried out has made such a big improvement to our home. We hear no noise from next door…”


Unwanted noise entering your home cannot be completely irradiated but can be reduced significantly to an acceptable level; a level at which you can relax in your own home.

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