Sustained Noise does have a Detrimental Effect on Health

Healthcare professionals have begun to take noise pollution seriously. With ears taking a battering north, south, east and west, noise pollution has lowered the quality of life for a great number of people. Given the barrage of sound all around us it has become increasingly important to have those quiet moments, those moments that free you to enjoy tranquillity and relaxation.

Continual sounds can be the primary causes of any number of nervous disorders. From headaches to high blood pressure and reduced memory capacity, noise can interfere with the biological, behavioural and audio logical functioning of our body. The reasons why protecting your ears is paramount are outlined below:

The auditory impact is, perhaps, the most obvious impairment that a person can suffer from. When exposed to a dramatic and unexpected crash of sound acute damage to the eardrum is not uncommon. Prolonged exposure to noise will result in chronic damage to the inner ear.

Intense and persistent sound can lead to depression and fatigue. Both of these conditions have a drastic impact on a person’s health and well-being, and will affect mood and productivity.

If you’re continually subjected to the onslaught of sound one of the more prominent impacts on well-being is insomnia. Erratic and disturbed sleep will certainly leave you feeling drained. The long term effects of the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself can be very serious.

Noise can also have a significant impact on your senses. The ability to clearly perceive and understand the world around you can be inferred with by incessant alarms, industrial noise, telephones, and any number of contemporary gadgets that we’re so attached to in the modern age. Additionally, sound can significantly affect someone’s psychomotor skills. This is especially true of an individual instant with a sudden and dramatic noise.

The presence of noise can however, provide motivation in working environments. Those who work in call centre environments will be well-acquainted with this phenomenon. More often than not the challenge of concentrating and the camaraderie in the office will spur individuals on to achieve the most that they can. However, this phenomenon is hardly the norm in all professions. Concentration is required, and this is most amply achieved in a calm environment.

The biological effects of penetrating noise should also be highlighted. Noise pollution affects human health, comfort and, as previously highlighted, efficiency. From contraction of the blood vessels, a pallid appearance and an excess of the secretion of adrenalin hormone into the blood stream which is responsible for high blood pressure.

One of the stark warnings that must be observed when subjected to incessant noise is that this environment can cause muscles to contract resulting in tension, nervousness and, in the most extreme cases, the loss of sound mental faculties.

It should additionally be noted the blood is thickened from excessive noise and changes in breathing amplitude have also been documented. A loud and sudden noise can produce a sonic boom effect, whereby the brain may become damaged.

As you can plainly see taking precautions against the potentially damaging effects of sound is imperative.

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