About TP Soundproofing

Our unique soundproofing insulation includes:

  • Soundproofing a room against noisy neighbours
  • Soundproofing a room for the considerate noise maker
  • Soundproofing a room for road traffic noise

We also design and build unique multipurpose soundproofed rooms that give a house that wow factor, where the whole family can enjoy making lots of noise together doing what they love (musical instrument, cinema etc.) without bothering their neighbours.

Our services can be life changing

After a soundproofing installation home owners love their home, they don’t ever want to move, feel comfortable in their home and have the privacy they have always wanted to do what they love.

We are passionate about solving noise issues and would love to hear from you so please get in touch

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Jim Prior founder of TPS

Our Senior Team

Jim Prior Founder of TP Soundproofing Ltd

In the early 2000’s Jim saw an emerging trend for sound insulation services.  After experiencing first hand that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when you can hear your neighbours in your new home, he realised it is a problem for millions of people across the UK.

Combining his unique building experience, BSc (Hons) degree and excellent customer service together with his passion of putting different materials together to solve a problem for people, Jim has reduced noise for over 300+ people, over the last 10 years, noise problems from noisy neighbours to soundproofed steam rooms.

He has been featured in The Sunday Times and been Live on BBC Radio and hired to give noise consultancy for Boots, Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and BBC studios to name a few.

Leading a small dedicated team with a love for helping people, high quality service and doing things right first time, Jim is on a mission to change building standards for sound insultation in the UK for future generations, so everyone can enjoy peace and quiet in their home.