We understand that, many building designs and building materials, all too often do not take into consideration the potential for perceptible airborne and/or impact noise problems. As a result, people’s lives can be severely affected.

Environmental Noise - Soundproofing


Outside noise created by industry, noisy roads, railways or air traffic is a major contributor to noise pollution.

Noisy Neighbours - Soundproofing


Boisterous children, noisy pets, and neighbours who like to play loud music can be a challenge for people wishing to live a quieter life.

Considerate Noise Makers - Soundproofing

noise makers

Keeping the noise in and not just out is often an objective for considerate noise makers wishing to soundproof a music room or a hobby workshop.

Our aim is quite simply to help our clients create audibly comfortable living and work spaces, free of unnecessary distracting environmental or nuisance noise.

Our services

Whether our clients need soundproof walls, ceilings, floors, or soundproofing for an entire room, our expert team can offer a fully integrated service which includes:


Our experts will give you candid, honest advice about the most effective way to deal with your noise issue. Based on our knowledge of acoustics, building construction, materials and installation processes, we will provide you with the most appropriate solution.


We will not just apply noise reduction materials to your wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Following a detailed survey of your home we will design a bespoke solution that will ensure your noise reduction problem is dealt with effectively.


We use the latest approved, most efficient specialist soundproofing products to produce our range of systems. Our frame system is the most advanced, effective soundproofing system on the market, designed and developed exclusively by our own expert team.


Our installation teams are highly skilled and pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get the best possible result. Our service includes plumbing, electrical, plastering, carpentry, flooring, painting and decorating, we take care of everything if you like. And we leave your home spotless once we have finished the job.


We are able to combine our technical ‘know-how’ with our installation knowledge and skills to provide our clients with a full spectrum of soundproofing applications, including; soundproofing party walls, ceilings, floors and room soundproofing.

Soundproof walls

Using a combination of tailored specialist soundproof materials, our wall systems provide a range of highly effective noise barriers. Systems are most commonly used on the party wall as a barrier to reduce noise from neighbours as well as for music studios and games rooms.

Soundproof floors

We design manufacture and install a range of different systems to floors to reduce airborne noise. We have many different solutions including systems to reduce impact noise as well as systems to meet current Part E Building Regulations for separating floors.

Soundproof ceilings

Soundproof ceiling systems are installed to act as a barrier against airborne noise and some impact noises.  Our systems are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of needs.  Whether a thin space saving ceiling solution for apartments, flats and offices or a thick studio system most commonly used for music rooms, practice rooms, studios and games rooms.

Soundproof studios

We soundproof whole rooms using the latest soundproofing materials. We design, manufacture and install a full soundproofing solution specific to your requirements. We also advise and arrange accompanying lighting and digital technology so you get the maximum enjoyment from your room whether it be a practice room, garage conversion, basement conversion, sound booth, media room, or home cinema.

Our TPS pledge

  • When we make an appointment, we will turn up on time.
  • Our skilled, trustworthy team are dedicated to working for you on your project.
  • We will always lay dustsheets and covers to protect your home.
  • All waste material is removed after the work has been completed.
  • We make it right first time!
  • Our staff are all NIC/EIC registered and Gas Safe registered where appropriate.
  • All the work carried out by TP Soundproofing is guaranteed for 10 years
  • All the work carried out is fully insured
  • We have public liability insurance to give you peace of mind that you and your property are protected whilst we are working.