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Soundproofing Walls

Using a combination of tailored soundproof materials the studio wall system provides a thick noise barrier. This system is most commonly used for music studios and games rooms.

Soundproof Wall

“…You were right Jim, we don’t notice the space loss from the new wall, we should have soundproofed the front room years ago…and no we don’t hear them any more thank you”

14-Wall 13-Wall
12-Wall 15-Wall

“…We would like to stress our total satisfaction with all aspects of your work which has achieved the desired level of soundproofing in our apartment..”

Thin Wall System

Using a combination of specialist soundproof materials and sound shield plasterboard the thin wall system provides an effective noise solution with limited impact on room space. This system is commonly used for medium noises e.g. noisy neighbours.
magic panel system

Wall layers for sound proofing Sound proofing layers

Please note: This sound system is effective at reducing normal noise levels that should not normally be heard, for example talking, radio and TV sound. Loud music, loud noise and bass noise will always be audible although its intensity will be reduced. For more efficient noise control, see the studio wall system.
Sound Proofing Walls

Unwanted noise can be one of the most common causes of conflict between neighbours, with many of today’s homes sharing party walls that don’t provide adequate sound insulation. Whether you’ve got noisy neighbours or simply someone who likes the TV too loud, our acoustic insulation products can help you to achieve the peace and quiet you’ve been dreaming of.

Many converted buildings suffer from less than robust internal walls especially where larger buildings have been split into smaller flats, but even shared brick walls can let more than the desired levels of audio through. We offer a wide range of sound insulation solutions to suit every application and any budget.

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Our Panel systems are ideal for controlling the noise created by neighbours, helping to cut the sounds of their day-to-day lives without any noticeable impact on the size of your own room. We use the latest high-tech materials that have been proven time and time again, carefully and precisely installed by our team of acoustic insulation engineers. Some of our panel systems can even be installed in a single day with minimal disruption to your property.

If you need more substantial insulation our independent floating wall system takes a little more space from your room but is designed for use in games rooms and music studios, helping to significantly reduce any sound next-door.

Our experience and expertise also enables us to tailor any acoustic insulation to your specific requirements and we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke solution with you.

TP Soundproofing uses first class tried and tested sound insulation as supplied by Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd