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Soundproof Studios

Practice rooms, Garage Conversions, Basement Conversions, Sound booths, Media rooms, Home Cinemas and Soundproof a room:

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Soundproof garages or basements into new studios or practice rooms…..…Imagine being able to play your drums at home as loud as you want whenever you want at any time of the day!…TP Soundproofing can make this a reality!

Converting garages, basements and spare bedrooms into home cinema rooms, man caves or entertainment rooms, are becoming increasingly popular and can possibly add value to your property.

We soundproof rooms with all the latest soundproofing products on the market today. We fit state of the art sound absorption panels so you get the maximum enjoyment from your music or sound system.

We work with you to meet your requirements and more!

We offer a full design and build solution and guarantee all materials and their installation!

We construct bespoke sound booths for industry and specific units to house specialised testing equipment. For media projects we are able to supply and fit professionals with an isolated soundproofed environment and vocal booths.

For commercial soundproofing visit Office Soundproofing