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Soundproof Windows

Are you suffering from street noise?

Soundproof Windows

You may need secondary glazing!

Are you suffering from noisy traffic noise, train noise, airport noise or even a neighbours barking dog? Secondary glazing is the most effective sound insulation for all types of noise. Unlike walls, roofs and ceilings, that will reflect and absorb sound waves, glass will allow all those high frequency sounds and vibrations to pass through it; this is why windows are generally the weakest point of sound insulation in the home.

Soundproof windowsWhat is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary Glazing provides two layers of window glass isolated from each other allowing greater noise reduction. It provides the best type of soundproofing for many households that are situated around airports, railway lines, under flight paths, near industrial units or next to busy roads. Secondary Glazing provides better sound insulation because it has a larger air gap between both panels therefore far superior than conventional double glazing for noise reduction.
Energy saving

When it comes to energy saving; windows are one of the weakest points in most homes. Secondary glazing will give extra thermal insulation as heat loss through windows is reduced by half when you add secondary glazing. As well as noise, condensation can also be reduced, and draughts will be eliminated too. With its energy saving properties secondary glazing could not only reduce the noise but save you money on your heating bills too.


Visually Pleasing

There are many different options of secondary glazing and we will endeavour to meet your requirements, taste and budget. Our high quality profiles will match your main window frame exactly, so once installed the secondary glazing is blended in making them barely visible.
Secondary Glazing can reduce noise by up to 75%

We install fixed units, lift outs, hinged units, horizontal sliders, vertical sliders for sash windows, and a heritage range for listed buildings. We can also match any frame colour to make the secondary glazing less intrusive. Our products are built to the highest quality and to individual specification. As a sound insulation company our main focus is to reduce the noise, therefore we only install the highest quality secondary glazing. Our glazing solutions will reduce a wide variety of frequencies from a low frequency loud lorry to the whine of a high frequency motorbike. Secondary glazing can reduce traffic noise by up to 75% and in many cases we have experienced a human perceived noise reduction of up to 85%. As with most soundproofing systems we offer, the more space you can afford to give up the more noise reduction will be achieved. Call us today for a no obligation quote.

As with all installations with TP Soundproofing you will get a full guarantee on any products we sell and the workmanship carried out,
Key Benefits

Quick, clean installation

Eliminates Draughts

Improved security

Massive sound reduction from outside noise

Reduces heating bills

Reduced Carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly

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We cater for both domestic and commercial customers offering a made to measure supply and fit service only.

All test certification, data sheets including the sound reduction index in accordance with BS 2750: part3: 1980 and BS 5821: Part3 1984 is available on request.