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How can we help you?

With an abundance of soundproofing products available today it’s hard to know what’s best for your environment. From foam panels to resilient channels the choices are as diverse as the products themselves are effective.

Demystifying the enigma by clearly outlining the suitability of an individual product for a specific environment is what we intend to outline below. Here you’ll find the most appropriate soundproofing products for all aspects of soundproofing.

Roxul Safe ‘n Sound Insulation

As a high-performance soundproofing insulation material Roxul Safe ‘n Sound is perfect for soundproofing walls and soundproofing ceilings in both commercial and domestic buildings.  Manufactured from Rockwool (a natural fire and moisture-resistant material) this insulation is highly effective and sought-after.

Roxul AFB Rockwool Insulation

Roxul AFB (or Acoustic Fire Batts) is highly-efficient, and a sound alternative to Safe ‘n Sound. Manufactured from a marriage of thermal insulation and soundproofing, rockwool it is soft, flexible and highly affordable. One of the more popular soundproofing products available it is readily available to purchase online making it one of the popular choices of consumers.

Green Glue Compound & Sealant

Green Glue products are some of the more fashionable soundproofing products. Packaged in the familiar caulking-style dispensing tubes this product is easy to dispense and can be applied to any number of surfaces with a modicum of difficulty. This compound and sealant is used as a sound dampening material. When applied between the layers of drywall the compound subdues sound vibrations that pass through walls and the floor.

Another additional benefit of Green Glue Sealant is that it can be used to seal holes, gaps and seams in the wall and the ceiling, and even open spaces such as screw holes and around electrical boxes. Typically, these are considered the most vulnerable aspects of soundproofing environments. Green Glue Sealant will sufficiently fill these spaces and reduce noise leakage.

Soundproof Foam Panels

These panels are expressly designed materials to deflect, dampen and absorb unwanted sounds. They are especially effective in studios and home entertainment centres. Any environment that suffers from excess noise will benefit greatly from the installation of these soundproof foam panels. Meticulously tested, these foam panels provide the optimal soundproofing solution for both domestic and commercial application.

Resilient Channels

As bespoke sheet metal rails, mounted across the studs of walls and ceiling joints, resilient channels are highly attractive solutions to excessive noise disturbance. Mounted on wall studs and ceiling joints resilient channels are laid over the soundproofing insulation and support the drywall, acting as shock absorbers, trapping the sound.

Soundproof Drywall

Soundproof drywall is one of the most effective ways of blocking sound. Combining numerous layers of gypsum board and steel soundproof drywall has the enhanced mass and density to effectively subdue sound. Additionally, the increased mass and density improves STC ratings. Soundproof drywall is more costly than alternative insulation but its effectiveness more than compensates for the additional expenditure.

Soundproof Paint

One of the lesser acknowledged soundproofing products but nonetheless one that is still utilised by consumers, soundproof paint is considered to be effective in reducing noise pollution. There are a number of paints that are readily available on the market today, and the easy and swift application of such soundproofing to an environment gives this product an edge over competing soundproofing solutions.

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof curtains, manufactured with quilted fibreglass or rockwool layers sandwiched over mass loaded vinyl, can also effectively reduce sound echoes and dampen general sound. More rigid than standard curtains and mobile, soundproof curtains offer flexible noise reduction solutions and can encase a specific area of a room or the whole room itself in subdued sound.

Soundproof Windows

These bespoke windows are designed and constructed from several thick panes of glass, typically with a layer of inert gas between the panes, preventing sound waves from leaking indoors. Installed on top of the existing window using spring loaded frames on tracks these soundproof windows provide optimal noise reduction for anyone living in the hustle and bustle of a city centre.

To discover more about the range of soundproofing products that are available for both domestic and commercial use then contact us today.