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How can we help you?

The Installers view…..this month the installer talks about his…..Top five Home soundproofing products

Soundproofing insulation

Soundproof insulation is such a broad term used for a variety of different sound proofing materials. The first product that springs to mind when sound insulation is mentioned is Rockwool insulation. Roxul Safe ‘n Sound high-performance acoustic insulation for ceilings, walls and floors. It comes in different thicknesses, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, most commonly in slab form in the size of 1200mm x 600mm.

Resilient Bars

Also known as resilient channels, breaker bars, Z bar, soundbar and resbar. When it comes to soundproofing materials for domestic sound proofing, these are a must have.  All good sound insulation systems will include resilient bars. They are used to de-couple the acoustic plasterboard from the conflicting surface area.

Cement particle board

This is normally used for soundproofing flat floors. If someone asked us how to soundproof a floor then this is one of the main products we would recommend for sound proofing floors. It comes in 18mm and 22mm thick. This product is quite difficult and expensive to cut. Due to the weight (25kgs for the 18mm) it comes in 1200mm x 600mm slabs. It must be installed as an overlay product and on a resilient layer of some kind.

Sound barrier mat

Most commonly used for domestic soundproofing because when combined with other sound proofing materials it is very effective; for example when installing it between two layers of soundproof plasterboard its sound proofing effectiveness is sometimes compared to that of lead. This product is a must have when sound proofing domestic walls. A 5kg barrier mat comes in a thickness of 2mm so it can be easily shaped and moulded around plumbing and electrical.

19mm sound plank

This product is great for adding mass to any room soundproofing. We always use sound plank when sound proofing floors. For home soundproofing we install this soundproofing material between the floor joists underneath the floor boards. For commercial sound proofing or office soundproofing we normally lay this material over the entire floor.

Sound absorbing panels

High-performance acoustic foam or glass fibre sound absorbing materials are used to treat the acoustics within the room and not to be confused with sound proofing materials. For home soundproofing projects these are unfortunately never included within the budget. For home cinema sound proofing they massively improve the quality of the sound within the room, they reduce reverberation and reflection of sound within the room giving more precision to any sound system.

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