How can we help you?
How can we help you?

As we all know, we can’t choose our neighbours. Unless home is at the very heart of rural seclusion, neighbours are a part of life. Whereas you can choose the home that is most suited to your individual needs, you can’t choose your neighbours. Most of us are blessed with friendly and considerate neighbours. From sharing a cup of sugar to weekly social events, friendships are formed and kind words exchanged. However, for those unlucky few with inflicted with noise pollution and strained relationships with their noisy neighbours, is there anything that can be done?

Is there anything more irritating than those times when you return from a long day at the office, settle on the couch, close your eyes only to be bombarded with the noise next door? Surely, this intrusion is one that you don’t have to deal with. Just how do you deal with no

Noisy Neighbours

isy neighbours?

There are a number of ways that you can resolve ongoing noise pollution from your neighbours’ home.

Talk to them

It may sound cliché but just opening the lines of communication, and talking to your neighbours may make the world of difference. Your noisy neighbours may not realise the extent of the noise that they are making. A cordial conversation may resolve your issues immediately – in fact, statistics have found that a third of all noise pollution issues are resolved with a simple conversation!

Choosing your moment is paramount. It’s all about timing. If you stomp next door when your neighbours are throwing a party that’s in full swing then the odds are stacked against you, especially if a group of intoxicated people await you. It’s advised that you casually drop your frustrations into a conversation. Talking to them over the garden fence or in a group situation is advised.

The manner that you initiate the conversation could make all the difference. A calm and rational approach is always the most effective way to get your points across. Flying off the handle and raising your voice will result in a heated debate – one that will not be easily resolved, if at all.

Remember that you have the moral high ground and make sure that you keep this footing firm. When the conversation is flowing, having at least three examples of instances when the noise is excessive is a good way to make your point. Tell your neighbours how the excessive noise made you feel, and politely outline the ways that the issues can be resolved, rationally. For example, loud music blaring from a bedroom after 10pm is insensitive.

Liaise with the council

If your attempts to talk to your noisy neighbours have fallen on deaf ears then it may be time to take the matter further.

Be aware that getting the council involved will raise tensions. The dispute may escalate further, however if you feel as though you’ve tried the polite approach time and time again without success then a further course of action maybe advised.

The incident will be recorded by the council. This may cause you some issues and explanations if, or when, you come to sell your home. Once the council have received the complaint they will issue a letter to your noisy neighbours informing them of the complaint. However, the identity of those that have complained will remain protected.

Take some time yourself to mediation

Noise pollution can have a detrimental effect on your health. From frayed nerves to lack of sleep, a consistent bombardment of piercing sounds isn’t good for you. A dispute with the neighbours may also acerbate any tensions that you’re feeling. Sometimes finding a good mediator takes some of the strain off you.

Meeting at a neutral location is imperative. Remove yourself from the environment that is causing you stress. This is relaxation 101. The aim is to get your neighbour to understand your point of view. How can you accurately get any points across if you’re feeling tense?

A neutral person will suggest neutral solutions. An independent person’s emotional judgement will be clouded with how they truly feel about the noise, or the complaint. A mediator has not endured any of the previous history so they will be able to suggest logical conclusions to the debate. Inviting a friend along, someone who’s fair and impartial is a good idea.

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