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Soundproof Floors

TP Soundproofing install a number of different products to your floors to reduce noise. We have many different systems to meet current Part E Building Regulations for separating floors.

Example of a soundproof floor system

Soundproof floor

Airborne noise can also travel through your floorboards, we install systems above or below your floor boards to reduce this. We also have a floor system that can reduce impact noise on you floor.

The guidance, advice and information I received from TP Soundproofing was second to none, truly exceptional. I will be recommending to all. Thank you so much.
Heidi, Buckingham”


Floor2 Soundproof Gym Floor1
Floor10 Floor13

Above are some examples of a soundproof floor systems we install into domestic homes, however every job is different and there are many floor products on the market to meet different situations, needs and budget.

For Commercial, industrial or office soundproofing, please visit our commercial site. Office Soundproofing

Photo source TP Soundproofing, illustration source Sounds Service (Oxford) Ltd