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Soundproof Ceilings

Soundproof ceilings solutions for apartments, flats and offices

The studio soundproof ceilings system is installed to act as a thick barrier against higher levels of airborne and some impact noise. This system is most commonly used for music rooms, practice rooms, studios and games rooms.



Thin ceiling

The thin soundproof ceiling system is installed to act as a barrier against airborne noise. This uses rubber sound blocking matting, sandwiched between two layers of sound shield plasterboard. This system is most commonly used where space is limited. for more efficient noise control, see the studio ceiling system.

Opposite are some examples of ceiling systems we install into domestic homes, however every job is different so all 12 of our soundproof ceilings systems can be tailored to meet different situations, needs and budget.

TP Soundproofing uses first class tried and tested sound insulation as supplied by Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd