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Soundproofed Bespoke Garden rooms

Soundproofed Bespoke Garden rooms After a failed attempt by a builder to construct a soundproofed modern garden room, TPS was called in initially for advice as the client started to get a bit worried when seeing the quality of the materials for the garden room being used, and un-answered technical questions put to the builder. […]

Road Traffic Noise

The Installer’s View…on road traffic noise soundproofing. TP Soundproofing was contacted with a domestic soundproofing case of severe road traffic noise effecting the entire house. Our customer has a beautiful house with a really nice interior with stunning views, but the detached house was located right on the busy Birmingham Road near Redditch. The customer […]

Top Ten Soundproofing Products

With an abundance of soundproofing products available today it’s hard to know what’s best for your environment. From foam panels to resilient channels the choices are as diverse as the products themselves are effective. Demystifying the enigma by clearly outlining the suitability of an individual product for a specific environment is what we intend to […]

How to deal with noisy neighbours

As we all know, we can’t choose our neighbours. Unless home is at the very heart of rural seclusion, neighbours are a part of life. Whereas you can choose the home that is most suited to your individual needs, you can’t choose your neighbours. Most of us are blessed with friendly and considerate neighbours. From […]

How much does soundproofing cost?

With the price of soundproofing ranging from £130 per metre to £400 per square metre, the decision on whether to invest in a quality soundproofing solution can be a huge decision. Can you put a price on ‘peace and quiet’ or more than that, peace and quiet in your own home? Can you put a […]