How can we help you?
How can we help you?

Soundproofing is a specialist trade, which demands skill and attention to detail like no other trade. Knowledge of buildings and structure, together with the understanding of how sound travels is imperative to the success of any project.

We receive many calls where either a builder or a good DIY capable person has ‘had a go’ at soundproofing a property.  Why not?…if it works you are saving yourself a couple of hundred pounds in labour.

However, the calls we receive normally result in us taking the whole wall down to start again. This is because the noise problem has not been reduced or in some cases when a builder has attempted the work; the noise has been emphasised and made worse using traditional building methods. This unexpected poor noise reduction result, leads the guilty builder to do a bit more extra work to the property to make up for it. This extra work is normally additional plastering, decorating or installing coving etc….all of which makes the original soundproofing job more expensive to make right.

When we remove an insufficient soundproofed wall, all the materials are disposed in a skip, it is very unlikely that we are able to recycle or re-use any of the building material, therefore a poor attempt at soundproofing a wall is a very costly process.

@TPSoundproofing we use all the latest soundproofing products on the market today. We only use tried and tested soundproofing materials. Most of our materials come from specialist suppliers and not much is sourced from the local builder’s merchant.

As it is the festive season we will share a simple tip that will help get better results with any domestic soundproofing:

“Tuck it up and tuck it down!”

Always remove the existing floor and tuck any wall system down as far as you can. Also remove the part of the ceiling and tuck the wall system up above the ceiling as far as it will go. Also make sure when re-fitting the floor it doesn’t make the new floating wall system negative.

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