How can we help you?
How can we help you?

After a failed attempt by a builder to construct a soundproofed modern garden room, TPS was called in initially for advice as the client started to get a bit worried when seeing the quality of the materials for the garden room being used, and un-answered technical questions put to the builder. The wooden garden room was intended to be used for a drum practice room in a built up housing area which is a great music room ideas.

Later that week the client had got in contact with us and explained that the “builder had done a runner”… “maybe he was a bit out of his depth”…. We decided to help the customer out and give him some different options to move forward with the project. We uncovered some of the worst workmanship we have ever seen and probably will not see work that bad again. It was a horrible experience for our new client as we uncovered more and more dangerous building work on his property which stretched across the entire garden and into the main house.

Garden room gone wrong

Builders attempt at a soundproofed garden room

garden room soundproofing

Toxic black mould uncovered

The previous builder that had done a runner and left a leaky, dangerous construction full of black mould as you can see in the garden rooms images. The construction was built too high exceeding garden room planning regulations, it was also built too close to the boundary without any consideration to building regulations. The proposed wet room waste pipe had not been checked by the local building control officer. To give all those tradesmen reading this an idea of the mess we found. The previous builder had ran polyplumb 15mm hot water pipe from the boiler in the main house kitchen, up the garden path (along the surface) to the garden room. The land scape gardeners later found 3 push fit joins in this pipe, barely beneath the surface.

Unfortunately, the majority of the construction had to be removed, but we managed to salvage some material including the windows and doors. Six skips later and after working closely with the planning department and local building control who fully appreciated the difficult situation the client was now in; TP Soundproofing put a design in place that met the customers expectations and budget.

We needed a room within a room approach using our trademark floating frame for drum noise. This particular garden room we installed our TPS80W floating wall and ceiling system creating a floating room within a room. The contemporary garden rooms finish was a Non-com thermal timber sent away for treatment to meet fire regulations, allowing the new soundproof structure to be built off the old foundations close to the boundary creating a timber frame garden room.

The client managed to paint over the weekend and we returned on the Monday to fit second fix electrical, air conditioning / climate control, sound absorption our bespoke ventilation system as well as the usual gadgets and the customers choice of remote control lighting.

Many of our soundproofed garden rooms or garage conversions for drums we fit the sound absorption to the ceiling before second fix electrical allowing the room to be used immediately. Also see our range of soundproof booths.

Soundproof garden room

TPS Soundproofing Drum Room